Nemo, a conservation movement powered by a community of travellers and adventurers who are actively protecting the Mesoamerican Reef. 

Project brief 

NEMO is being developed by Sustainable Travel International, a global non-profit dedicated to protecting and conserving our planet’s most vulnerable destinations by transforming tourism’s impact on nature and people.

Whether you’re out diving, snorkelling, or just relaxing on the beach, you can become a Natural Environment Marine Observer (NEMO) and help save the reef. With the help of travellers diving in reefs, scientists have the potential to gain access to constant updates about the reef’s well-being, allowing them to react quickly and help. All they need is a way to inform people about the importance of the issue and direct divers to their app to share their photos and include critical information like location, date & time, and notes.

Through this page, people will be able to learn about the coral disease and help to support it through different channels. Creating an active community around the app/website to help promote awareness around reef preservation.

The Problem

People love our oceans and are willing to take care of them. Orgs are making a real impact, but it’s hard to engage people and make them take action.


The main goal is to catch people’s attention and also engage them in one of the page’s options, donate or take pictures. The organization wanted to inform the users and provide clear and concise info.

The Process

I created a dynamic landing page that provides all the basic information within one page. The page is divided into three faces:

  • Call to action (People can directly to donate or predetermined actions)
  • Information (People can get into the problem and in which specific area is the organization focused on)
  • Process (People can get an idea of how they can support the movement through multiples options)

Client: Sustainable Travel International // Product: Wed Design // Medium: Digital // Role: UI designer // Tools: Sketch app, Illustrator, Photoshop, G Suite