Typetone, a different way of working with typefaces.

Project brief

Typetone is a personal project related to the functional use of typefaces in terms of design and composition for editorial design. Typetone is a prototype of a tool to support designers working in text compositions.

Typography is an essential part in design, but making the right choice can sometimes seem daunting. 

Not all typefaces are equally suitable for text compositions. Different typefaces are more legible than others and they may vary in type colour, the inclination of the axis, contrast between strokes, counter, x-height, ascenders, aperture…

Great typography can elevate a design from “good” to “amazing,” while bad typography (or worse — illegible type) can make even the “best” designs unusable. Sometimes the election of a proper typeface can result hard as most of the times we have limitations as limited space or text style and the research for a proper typeface can become a challenging task.


Based on my research I created a product of a basic classification of typefaces: serif and sans serif focused in micro-typography details.

Each classification counts with a specified table where you can look for specific attributes on pre-selected typefaces. Those attributes are individually displayed in tables that were created with a meticulous analysis of each typeface and presented in a format similar to Pantone’s system. The format gives us easy handling and functional.

Client: Typetono
Product: Font Classifications
Role: Product designer
Tools: Illustrator, InDesign, Glyphs