Ucanna is a certified cannabis cultivation team that provides professional-quality, kitchen, and care services for the cannabis industry. Ucanna was founded in 1997 by a Cannabis Certified Expert with extensive experience in the Cannabis industry to provide compliance solutions for professionals.

Project brief

I worked Ucanna, providing them with their first visual identity. The task was to create something that reinforced the values of the brand; honesty, transparency, and respect.

The Process

I created a visual identity that’s a harmonious balance between trust and innovation leaving away the image of traditional cannabis leaves.

The logo brings an organic and formal feel to pump the brand concept of delivering a trusted gardening service and to achieve customer goals. In addition to the main logo, I created a sub-brand element to support the brand on the use of different platforms.  Both elements combined with a simple color palette of black and green, the aesthetic connects with the nature of the product.


The business card shows the main visual element of the visual identity needed to reflect this proposition. Through a defined table in conjugation with a plane and easily–reading typographic we delivered the contact info and brand value. 

Client: UCANNA // Product: Brand Identity // Role: Brand designer // Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop